Where the wind has free play and often comes from a different direction, you create a mobile wind shelter; without the windshield taking away your view or too much space. We have developed a sustainable hardwood mobile windshield. On wheels, so easily movable. For long term, carefree pleasure in your garden or on your patio.

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The mobile windshields stand on sturdy casters. They are so easy to move around. Depending on the direction of the wind you can move your windshield to create a shelter. If there is no wind, you can put the mobile windshields aside or easily store them.


Each mobile windshield can be joined by means of a special system. With the wind screens, you can easily create a corner or a wall. Moreover, you can move them jointly. Disconnecting is not necessary. Want to know how? Have a look at our video.

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The mobile windshields have a long lifespan and are made from untreated Bankirai sustainable hardwood with FSC label.

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Unobstructed view

Our portable windbreaks have lots of glass and a low container. Mobile windshield so keep the wind from without is removed your views.


Personal design

The mobile windshields are standardly made from Bankirai untreated wood with white gravel. With a customized platform turns your mobile windshield in an instant sofa. We give your mobile windshield a personal touch:

  • Lacquered in a color of your liking
  • In wood with profile or plain
  • With a different color of gravel
  • With your name tag or logo
  • With engraved glass.

Please, see the options on the quote form.

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Service and warranty

Every place is unique. This calls for individual advice. Personal service and advice are our top priority. We personally deliver the mobile windshields to you, assembled on the spot, as a wall or to the desired angle set up. For optimal placement and the right effect. You will also receive advice on using your mobile windshield. Our mobile windshields are designed to endure well winds up to force 8. Therefore, we give you, with normal use, 2 year guarantee on our mobile wind and privacy screens.

Our team

Bart van Riet has years of expertise with extensive renovations – including roofs, renovations and sophisticated carpentry and painting. “Often on and around the Loosdrechtse Plassen (Loosdrecht lakes), where the wind can blow intensly, I got the idea to develop a separate movable windshield, preferably on wheels. At the time there was no such product. This has proven to be a success. Since 2007, we create mobile wind and privacy screens. Various models of our portable displays can now be found in a number of places in the Netherlands and Belgium. Jeffrey has for a few years now been engaged in production and expansion of the original design. He will also work out new designs for you. If required, we create a mobile wind- or privacy screens to meet your personal wishes”.

bart van riet

Bart van Riet

Designer, manufacturer and owner

“It is a pure and functional design, made with sustainable products and components. The simplicity enhances the product. At delivery we also give advice on the use and people really appreciate that. ”

Jeffrey de graaf

Jeffrey de Graaf

Producer, Co-designer

“Accuracy while producing is very important to me. The mobile shields are built to last, so they must remain nice-looking. The positive reactions when we deliver are very nice. Genuine appreciation for the handicraft of the products. And ‘mobile’ in combination with ‘design and finishing toch’ make us unique. ”


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